2018 Hospitality Survey
Compare your vacation rental company hospitality practices against other leaders in the industry. Learn how you measure up by contributing to our global study.

Here are some findings from the 2017 report

Unmet needs in services
There's an 84-point gap between the services property managers want to provide and what they can currently in their PMS.
Top challenge: More bookings
Property managers struggled with distributing their listings across different bookings platforms.
17 Recommendations
Vacation rentals included an average of 17 recommendations in their digital guidebooks - the most common type? Restaurants.

What industry experts say about hospitality in vacation rentals - do you agree?

"Our industry must provide a cohesive presentation of the "important stuff" for customer experience that's clear and easy to access."
Eric Mason, Vacation Rental Professionals Forum
"Hospitality will become a more important differentiator for vacation rental companies."
Steven Carvell, Associate Dean, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get out of contributing to this report?

If you contribute to this report, we'll send you our findings and analysis completed. 

Also we're excited to grant one contributor with a complimentary annual subscription to the Hostfully guidebook platform that includes 20 guidebooks - worth more than $1,000.
What happens with the information that I submit?

Once we collect and gather the data, we will anonymize it and analyze it. Then, we'll pull the most interesting insights and share it back to you.
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